FMOB #4, perhaps history’s most important event, will not be held on Wednesday, July 11, as previously advertised. Only morons would hold anything on Wednesday, July 11!

Instead, FMOB #4 will be held on Thursday, July 12, 9:30 p.m., at Comedy Bar. We would apologize for the error, but we know that all attentive readers will have deduced the truth from our witty obfuscation!

Which Bad Dude Is Which?

Come see Curmudgeon and Fop, AKA the New Humourists, Wednesday or forever languish in ignorance (until next month).

Absolution For Sale: FMOB #2

FMOB #1 was a massive success. Tony Ho traumatized, Anders Yates amused, Mark Little lectured on manatee policy, Personals forgot to prepare, and the New Humourists obliterated the audience with an onslaught of mots justes and then reconstituted them with our genius. Most important, we raised over $2000 for pancreatic cancer research at the Princess Margaret Hospital, much of which has not yet been misappropriated.

Thanks to those who attended; to those who did not, beware.

I’m kidding!(?) If you “couldn’t make it out,” don’t fret: you can buy your absolution at FMOB #2, April 25, 9:30 p.m. at Comedy Bar. Only the incarcerated and the gilled won’t be there! Performers will include Personals and Tim Gilbert and blah blah blah … back to us: The New Humourists will be presenting “America”, our much-lauded macabre gambling masterpiece, for the first time since 2003.


Why Are They Laughing?

In February of last year, Joel and I performed at the Montreal Improv as part of the Venezuela and Friends event. A video of a small portion of our set, “The Evening Planner” (a play of considerable literary merit), was uploaded to YouTube by one half of Venezuela (one person, not 13 million). By the next Monday, all of my coworkers had seen the video and so naturally my credibility was irreparably undermined. (I would leave the job within a month.) One young woman played the video in the office and, as she watched, asked earnestly,  “Why is the audience laughing?”


Daddy Is Your Mommy

A couple of handsome geniuses + the girlish off-camera giggling of Dan Beirne, the face of McDonald’s = the achievement in literature of the only thing that matters: the creation of seventeen separate characters named Daddy. To wit: